Loosy Potts

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Three Book Trilogy

The Education of Loosy Potts is the coming of age of an 8yr. old girl learning the responsibilities of living a positive, productive life which includes being accountable for, and taking charge of, who she is and what she does. She is not waiting to be defined, she is defining the moments of her life. Learning that when she takes responsibility for her actions, she empowers herself to have better control of the outcome.

Titles of stories ready to publish are: “Clean Your Room” “Best Friends” and “Better Choices”

Through the stories, Loosy discovers that she herself is her antagonist. And learns that she has the ability to decide what she wants, when she wants, and learns to navigate the how-to of deciding to do something uncomfortable over the what-she-wants-to-do at any given moment.

“Better to head things off at the pass before they swallow you whole from behind.

Book One: Clean Your Room

When a child learns to clean their room they begin to organize their life. This is a microcosm of what life will ask for in the future. The values of Responsibility, Cleanliness and Accountability allow a child to nurture skills they will need to navigate their “Coming Of Age” and the responsibilities of becoming a productive adult within the community and society.

The Loosy Potts stories are geared for children ages 4-8 yrs. old which offer a rhythmic approach to a head start for learning how to problem solve and navigate the arts of being responsible and accountable children
matriculating into our society as youths better prepared for adulthood.

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