Frog & Dog: Trilogy

|| Frog & Dog  ||  Leo James  ||  Loosy Potts  ||

Three Book Trilogy

Frog & Dog is about a relationship between blossoming best friends,  based on joy, loyalty and trust is a breath of fresh air and what better way to example the civil rights angst and turmoil we have ongoing in today’s world.

Discrimination has once again become king in our society and it needs to be eradicated from our culture starting at an early age. Exploring this relationship provides a child with an opportunity to learn about forgotten innocence, be responsible, develop moral values, and how to just–BE–kind.

Frog & Dog’s adventures in reasoning illuminate and offer how-to options / solutions towards changing societal issues.

Book One: Unlikely Friendships.

Frog & Dog are best friends.  Is this Crazy!? Is this nonsensical? But, WHY NOT? Their loyal relationship and true friendship between completely different species is a breath of fresh air. With all the discrimination, racial angst and tension in today’s world; presenting their relationship provides a child with an opportunity to nurture forgotten innocence, apply decision making, sprout moral integrity and to value the presence of mind to just BE kind. Outside influences can disrupt the internal birth of solid well-founded relationships with just hints. These hints can lead to suggestions and suggestions can turn into beliefs and beliefs into a culture. If we enlighten early, we can attempt to illuminate and change the ongoing problem. Failure to make children aware that racism and discrimination are wrong and non-negotiable is lazy. These are imperative aspects which need a voice for our societal growth as an enlightened and accountable culture.

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