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“Early taught fosters an early start to a productive life and not one of naught.”


Frog & Dog

Frog&Dog is a trilogy about an unlikely friendship between blossoming best friends. A relationship based on joy, loyalty and trust is a breath of fresh air and what better way to example the civil rights angst and turmoil we have ongoing in today’s world.

Discrimination has once again become king in our society and it needs to be eradicated from our culture starting at an early age. Exploring this relationship provides a child with an opportunity to learn about forgotten innocence, be responsible, develop moral values, and how to just–BE–kind.

Frog & Dog’s adventures in reasoning are an attempt to illuminate and offer how-to options/solutions towards changing societal issues.

The Adventures of Leo James:

The Adventures of Leo James” children’s book series is a funny rhythmic approach to the trials and tribulations of young adolescence. The stories are geared to ages 3-8 years old, offer a head start for learning how to problem solve, and develop the skills needed to navigate the art of socialization. These insights and others offer helpful tips and guidance to looking at life with the-glass-half-full.

The first three stories ready for books are: Leo Needs a Home of His Own, Leo Goes to the Farm, and Leo Goes to the Beach.

Leo is a smart, playful, and wise Silky Terrier, whose outlook on life is that it’s an opportunity to experience “The Good Things!” (Leo is based on my own dog Leo). He is about fifteen pounds, barely ear to toe 15” high and nose to tail 24”, with medium length, floppy hair, sweetheart of a dog who seems to know what I’m thinking.

Leo’s story begins with him living at a shelter, abandoned, experiencing emotions similar to many of the human experiences we can relate to—and then he gets adopted by Jake. Once they are together, their friendship takes on the experiences in the tone of a shared coming-of-age story.

Throughout the series Leo’s primary interaction is with his new, trusted friend Jake. Jake is ten years old. He just moved to a new home and is beginning middle school in a new location with all the uncertainties that go with it.

Whether it’s making new friends, adapting to new surroundings, learning to trust, swim or allowing change to happen— believing in hope and self discovery is the motto of their lives exampled in these stories.

The Education of Loosy Potts

The Education of Loosy Potts is the coming of age of an 8yr. old girl learning the responsibilities of living a positive, productive life which includes being accountable for, and taking charge of, who she is and what she does. She is not waiting to be defined, she is defining the moments of her life. Learning that when she takes responsibility for her actions, she empowers herself to have better control of the outcome.

Titles of stories ready to publish are: “Clean your room” “Best Friends” and “Better Choices”

Through the stories, Loosy discovers that she herself is her antagonist. And learns that she has the ability to decide what she wants, when she wants, and learns to navigate the how-to of deciding to do something uncomfortable over the what-she-wants-to-do at any given moment.

“Better to head things off at the pass before they swallow you whole from behind.

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