About Brien Perry

Brien Perry

Brien Perry’s life mirrors, and is a constant inspiration for his writing. Having an out-going step-daughter, and an endearing Terrier pup as his muses, the action of watching them grow up offered endless teaching material for him to share.  Brien’s writing became an outlet, and vehicle of expression. His VOICE, taking on a sense of reason that has evolved into stories.

“Don’t let the fear of striking out, keep you from playing the game”
~Babe Ruth

Born into a family of DOERS, adds to his “it goes like this” attitude where there is always a way to do something, you just have to figure it out. Family became his mentors adding insights and helping to solve many every-day-practical problems. His grandfather was a farmer, and vice president of a tugboat company, his uncle a judge, his mother a teacher and principal, and his father a trial lawyer. All helped to teach him the value of talking things out, addressing conflict, and analyzing a situation from all perspectives. And, his books example that same approach.

Brien attended the University of Rhode Island graduating with a B.S. in Political Science and a Theatre minor. The combination of these two disciplines, people politics, and creative ideology has allowed him to see a broader scope of the human perspective. Applying this vision to when he travels, he sees the many shared family and community values, and principles that form the building blocks of growth and development the world over. Further enforcing the need for actively building a healthy life.

Traveling is a big part of Briens motivation for his writing and stories. The nuances of different cultures and how they handle situations interests him.

Ranking optimism extremely high on Brien’s “Can Do” attitude list, he is repurposing his twenty-year journey as an accomplished actor of stage, cinema, and film into this new page in his ever evolving career and life, WRITING! His love of Shakespeare and attraction for Iambic Pentameter, the rhythmic writing style, is now a driving force, giving life to his characters LEO and JAKE from the book series THE ADVENTURES OF LEO JAMES, and LOOSY from the trilogy THE EDUCATION OF LOOSY POTTS.