Welcome to the Writing World of Brien Perry

Brien Perry

Thank you for your interest,  and I am looking forward to what the future holds.

It’s said the best stories for writing come from life experiences, and that holds true with me. I started writing in lieu of knowing how to own my voice during a transition period from single guy into a step-father and pup friend. Many times I had something to say and just couldn’t figure out the best way to share. My words didn’t seem right or I wasn’t sure how my input would be received. Now, looking back, I see the ‘almost’ humor in watching me squirm because I wanted to share my point of view, and my hesitation to do so in many a delicate situation.


As my home life settled in, so did my need to share, and the story ideas started to be put to paper. I created a storyline with the main character Loosy Potts representing my step-daughter Brontè, and coming-of-age adventures for my pup Leo and the stories blossomed. They became a process of communication, one that grew as Brontè volunteered to be my “test audience,” a gauge for if my stories were “kid worthy.”

Carole, Brien and Brontè.

After reading a few of the Leo books together, and after the first Loosy book, Brontè asked me “are these stories about me?” With a feeling of relief, I happily acknowledged yes, with a nod and smile— now with each new story we’ve become closer and on a mission.